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"Thank you for making our evening so special.  We are still getting compliments on the music!"

Cara Schufelt (Rural Organizing Project)

"Lewis brought a unique and notably accessible brand of American Roots to the farmers market."

Ted Lee (Moreland Farmers Market)

"I recently heard your band Xevi Nova at the NCNM graduation party, and thought your vibe was fantastic!"

Kate Wiggin (Naturopathic College of Medicine)


Review of Lewis Childs album "Currents"

Lewis Childs has created a decadent array of temperaments with his new album, “Currents”. From humor to the heartfelt blues, his lyrics take you on a journey. His prose is illustrative and innovative, a combination of southern comfort and some bitter mystery, like Tom Waits with honey in the mix. While one song is lulling and hypnotic the next will tempt you to put on your dancin’ shoes!
Athena Frost (The Red Room @ Cafe 939)

Lewis Childs KMHD review
Mary Burlingame KMHD Radio 89.1
"One of the best additions to our local music scene in awhile.  this repertoire of music features...incredible playing in a mix of jazz, blues, and folk music from around the globe."

Lewis Childs and Xevi Nova at Berbatis'
"[WORLD TOUR] Luckily, Xevi Nova, an Afro-beat acoustic group of strings and percussion with a beautiful-voiced chanteuse, will be at Berbati's tonight to balance out DJ Anjali's manic hip-hop set." Willamette Week

People are still talking
"I just want to let you know that people here are still talking about the dinner show Xevi Nova did at Black Market Gourmet."

Lewis Childs and Joe Powers reviewed on CD Baby
"Saw them perform and this CD keeps the magic going.....
over and over."

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